Perkuat Dominasi, Bogamulia Sapu 852.600 Saham Tempo Scan (TSPC) Rp1.367-1.376 per Lembar – PT Bogamulia Nagadi terus menyerok saham Tempo Scan Pacific (TSPC). Sebagai pengendali, sepertinya Bogamulia ingin memperkukuh dominasi. Itu ditunjukkan dengan menjala setidaknya 852.600 lembar.

Transaksi dilakukan dengan kisaran harga Rp1.367-1.376 per saham senilai Rp1,16 miliar. Aksi pembelian dilakukan dalam enam tahap antara 19,23,24,29,30, dan 31 Agustus 2022. Pembelian terbesar terjadi pada 29 Agustus 2022 dengan menyerok 351 ribu lembar pada harga Rp1.368 per saham senilai Rp480,28 juta. 

Selanjutnya, akumulasi terbesar kedua terjadi pada 31 Agustus 2022. Kala itu, Bogamulia menjaring 145.200 lembar dengan harga pelaksanaan Rp1.367 per saham sejumlah Rp198,48 juta. Dan, aksi terbesar ketiga pada 23 Agustus 2022 dengan memborong 123.500 lembar pada harga Rp1.370 per saham senilai Rp169,25 juta. 

Menyusul transaksi itu, tabulasi saham Bogamulia makin tak tertandingi dengan porsi 3,756 miliar lembar alias 83,29 persen. Melesat dari periode sebelum transaksi dengan porsi kepemilikan 3,755 miliar saham atau setara 83,28 persen. ”Transaksi untuk investasi,” tulis Diana Wirawan, Direktur Bogamulia. (*)

Author: J S

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Tender Offer

A tender offer is a bid to purchase some or all of a corporation’s shareholders’ stock. Tender offers are typically made publicly and invite shareholders to sell their shares for a specified price within a particular time window.

Cash Dividend

The cash dividend is part of the Company’s profit distributed to shareholders in cash.

Stock Dividend

Stock dividend is the allocation of company profits in additional shares.

Stock Split

A stock split is when a company divides the existing shares of its stock into multiple new shares to boost the stock’s liquidity.

Capital Placement without Pre-emptive Right

Capital Placement without Pre-emptive Rights (PMTHMETD) is the issuance of new shares through a private placement to selected investors.

Right Issue

Right issue or Preemptive Rights (HMETD) is the right for old shareholders to buy new stocks by the issuer.

Bonus Stock

Bonus Stocks are shares distributed free of charge to shareholders based on the number of shares owned.

The General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)

The General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is a forum for shareholders to exercise their right to make certain decisions related to the Company, receive reports from the Board of Commissioners and Directors regarding their performance, and question the Board regarding actions.

Data Presentation

The report of shares activity on the secondary market is carried out comprehensively in the form of tables, graphs, and diagrams to facilitate the understanding.

Stock Registration Activity Report (Monthly)

Stock prices fluctuate because of the demand and supply of these shares. Therefore, we provide stock activity reports every month.

Stock Register

A stock register is a detailed record of the shares issued by a corporation and any repurchases and transfers between shareholders.